rebalance, restore, revitalise

rebalance, restore, revitalise

Gain quality of life and discover your inner vitality.

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Feeling not quite right?

Tired or fatigued?

Suffering from

Digestive issues?


Immune deficiency?

Anxiety / Stress?

Acne and/or Hormonal issues?

Regain control of your health!

Everything that happens around us plays a part in our well-being. From our environment, to what we eat and how we feel. Let's find and treat the underlying cause of your illness rather than just the symptoms of disease.

Let’s work together to find the ROOT cause of your health problem.

Now also doing Online Consults 
Meet Melinda

Naturopath - Nutritionist - Herbalist

I have a passion for empowering and educating people to take control of their health! 


I will work with you, creating a personalised treatment plan and offering ongoing support to achieve optimal health and wellness.


I regularly attends professional seminars and other training to make sure I keep up to date with current research.


Although I  work with people of all ages and a variety of conditions, I do have a special interest in gut and immune health, as well as menopause/perimenopause and nutrition for sports.



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"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius

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Tuesday -Thursday 9.30am-2pm

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