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It all starts in the Gut

Yes, you heard it!! It does all start in the gut.

The gut is where our microbiome lives, and those bacteria have a very important role to play. The gut community is made up of trillions of microbes!

What do they do for us you might ask? Many things....

They play an important part in our immune system, they help with the synthesis of certain vitamins, they ensure proper digestive functioning and help regulate our appetite and our mood (I am sure you've heard the saying "Our gut is our second brain" :) It can even contribute to hormonal imbalance if our microbiome is out of order.

Some signs and symptoms that might point to a poor functioning gut are bloating, reflux or heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea, tummy pain, flatulence and seeing undigested food or mucus in your stools. Sound all too familiar?? What can we do?? How do we support a healthy microbiome?

Reduce stress! Yes, stress can cause your digestion to slow. Remember to always be relaxed when you eat. Take your time, and enjoy the food. Don't eat on the run.

Increase fibre, yes!! Fibre keeps your gut healthy and happy. Insoluble fibre nourishes our microbes.

Take a probiotic and eat fermented food! Fermented foods are rich in enzymes and probiotics, are inexpensive and can help balance the gut. Why not add some to each meal?

Make sure you drink enough water! A Bowen therapist once said to me that if everyone drank enough water, they would be out of a job. Food for thought?

Eat the rainbow! How many colours can you add to your plate? Ensure you eat from a diverse range of foods. The more colours the more nutrients you will consume.

Reduce inflammatory foods. This includes refined sugars, processed foods and alcohol (sorry!)

Visit your healhcare provider if symptoms persist.

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This is beautifully written Mel ❤️

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