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Freshly Picked Food

As your Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach,  I am passionate about guiding you towards a happy and healthier life.  This program can help to reset your metabolism and hormone levels, particularly insulin.

Together we can work towards reducing inflammation and achieving sustainable weight loss!

I want you to know that weight loss & good health is way easier than you think!

No more depriving yourself with bland, boring diets – it’s time to reset your metabolism, transform your body and start living the life you want! I will work with you closely throughout your program, educating you on the right foods, portion sizes and healthy lifestyle habits so you can finally feel like you again.

Metabolic Balance and my amazing coach Melinda Snodgrass have changed my life !!! - from being very overweight, lethargic and generally unwell to feeling absolutely amazing, healthy and full of energy.  Sleeping the best I’ve ever slept in decades , waking up feeling revived !! I can highly recommend Metabolic Balance, the food plan designed for your own body does make a huge difference to your health - I love the food and it will definitely be part of my life going forward.  Thank you Metabolic Balance and my supportive coach Melinda Snodgrass !!

Sandra J.

Metabolic Balance
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What can Metabolic Balance do for you??

  • Improve energy

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease

  • Support thyroid conditions

  • Helps you achieve and maintain your desired weight

  • Clearer thinking with reduced brain fog

  • Improve menopausal symptoms like weight gain, moodiness and foggy brain

  • Improves skin conditions

I am so grateful to Melinda that she has shown me this process and is supporting me through it. Initially I still had my doubts, as it has been such a struggle for such a long time. 

But within the first week I had lost a couple of kilos. It is such an easy and sustainable method that involves minor lifestyle changes and lots of fresh food. No complicated recipes, no counting calories or shakes, not hours of intense exercise. It has been quite easy to fit it into my life with the demands of my young family.  Yes, I still have challenges but I feel great and empowered. And I’m on the road to getting down to my goal weight and feeling in control of my weight for the first time in a very long time. 

                                                                              Merran W.

The Program…

  • Unique to Your Biochemistry

We start with a full initial consultation, looking at your health history, medications, body measurements and I arrange for a comprehensive blood analysis at your local lab or GP. Your personalised nutrition plan from Metabolic Balance® is then created.


  • Naturally Curb Cravings

Metabolic Balance® works to balance blood sugar so that you no longer experience cravings, instead enjoying sustained energy throughout your day.


  • Coaching & Accountability

This program comes with full support & accountability – which you will soon realise is the key to your success. We will meet regularly to ensure that you stay on track.


  • Quick & Lasting Results

You’ll feel more energetic and have quick (but sustainable) weight loss, a faster metabolism, enjoy deeper sleep – the easy way! 


  • 100% Natural Wholefoods

Use regular food as your ultimate medicine. No meal replacement shakes or supplements. Simply a personalised nutrition plan with the most optimal foods for you that will help balance you, naturally.


  • A Clear Plan to Follow

Knowing exactly what foods to eat for your body, how much to eat and when to eat means you can relax and allow your body to release weight. No more guess work or nutrition confusion! Farewell frustration

If you want to know more, please book a free 20 minute discovery call

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