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Conditions herbal medicine can treat

Herbal remedies are suitable for both acute and chronic conditions. 

They can be used for many suggested purposes, such as improvement or general support of digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune, endocrine and nervous system processes as well as help to remove waste and toxins from cells and promote healing.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is a treatment modality using the inherent healing properties of plants as medicine. Well-known historical physicians including Hippocrates and Galen are thought to have used it in their practices. The use of various herbal formulas is one of the oldest and possibly the most widespread form of medicine.

It is a great natural alternative which supports vital organs and can be used to help restore balance in the body (homeostasis).

Herbal liquids can be combined to enhance treatment, which is very useful for a client who presents with many different health concerns.

"For every human illness, somewhere in the world exists a plant which is the cure.” 

Rudolf Steiner

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